Movie Film to DVD or Files

Whether your memories are captured on 8mm, Super 8, Super 8 Sound, 16mm Silent or 16mm Sound film, O.K. Video can preserve them on DVD.

The O.K. Video Advantage

  • While other companies charge by the foot, our easy-to-understand pricing is based on how long it takes to watch your movies.
  • No shipping charges, hassle, or risk of damage during shipping. Your memories don't leave our Philadelphia Pike office until you pick them up, converted to DVD.
  • Do you have different types of film? They can combined onto a single disc. There is a $20 projector reset fee to switch between film formats.
  • Stock music can be added for an additional $20 for up to two hours, with titling and editing services available, if needed.
  • Accepted film formats:
    • 8mm
    • Super 8
    • Super 8 Sound
    • 16mm Sound
    • 16mm Silent

Easy-to-Understand Film Pricing:

Length of Film DVD Price Sound Film or Added Music
up to 15 minutes (~225 feet for 8mm, ~450 feet for 16mm) $75 $95
up to 30 minutes (~450 feet for 8mm, ~900 feet for 16mm) $85 $105
up to 1 hour (~900 feet for 8mm, ~1,800 feet for 16mm) $120 $140
up to 2 hours (~1,800 feet for 8mm, ~3,600 feet for 16mm) $160 $180

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